Wells Genealogy

by Dave Wells

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    I began my own genealogy research over three decades ago as a personal interest after my mother-in-law passed away, leaving a box of notes, photocopies and hand sketched family outlines which I decided to organize. Over the years, I've developed a deep passion for the subject. My skills have continued to grow along with technology, increasing ways to find information, not just on the internet, but in the myriad of sources and locations. Interest in genealogy has also increased during that time, with lots of unsupported guesses and assumptions from novice hobbyists easily shared on the internet.

    Along the way, I have managed to connect with many dozens of previously unknown distant relatives, as well as lots of fellow researchers investigating the people that I had identified or was trying to find information about. In addition to joining the Mayflower Society and assisting my wife in joining the DAR, I have aided others in resolving long-standing issues where there was confusion between people with the same name in a particular location and time.
    Based on my enjoyment of the challenges in figuring out how and where to solve the puzzles of people’s ancestry, I then began developing family trees for friends and acquaintances who expressed an interest in their family history. And now I would like to share my experience and expertise with others as well…
    My Engineering degree, combined with my PMP certification (Project Mgmt Professional) enable me to organize your information and efficiently pursue the investigation for best results in a short period of time.
    These sources should start with your oldest living relatives and go from there, with the trail determined by what you learn along the way. That is why you can benefit from help from someone who has already been down most of those paths.


    For an example of my research and data reporting, just look thru the data compiled on my Wells family (referenced above).


Email me at dave@wellsgenealogy.com