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This series of family and individual pages with written Wells lineage for my direct line ancestors consists of a 10,000 person, fully linked database compiled since 1983. The photo below is my Great Grandfather's family, consisting of he & his wife, 9 children and their spouses, as well as his brother-in-law & spouse - taken in Sept 1907.

The webpages on this site are organized into both family pages and individual pages as well as tree charts. It is possible to navigate up and down the family tree or via either page style.

Note: The sources and references for the data are not shown in order to maintain focus and save space, as well as to encourage interested parties to contact me for more information, corrections or additional contributions. I am quite willing to share and exchange information with interested parties.


The Tunis Wells Family History©of my direct ancestors, complete with notes,sources, etc.
Home Card - for Tunis
Index of my Wells family descendants and other ancestors (detailed here)
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Primary Surnames
Primary Surnames

Links to other web sites for my surnames:

GADDIS (family #28)
Thomas ROGERS - the Pilgrim
Dave Wells  for corrections, sources, or details of other family members or branches...

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